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Learn Tactical Sparring Skills

Mindset Techniques, and Effective Practicing Tips used by Top International Taekwondo athletes which you can use to win in your next competition and in life. Register for Evolve TKD Camp below 👇👇

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December 3, 2022.
Limited Spots Available

Here in Evolve Taekwondo Camp, we teach you practical sparring skills. Moustapha Kama former rank #1 in the world will give you feedback and strategies on how to improve your overall performance in Taekwondo, no matter if you’re in the beginner, intermediate or advanced competition level.

Who is this training for:

  • Beginners (+8 years old)
  • Advanced (Cadets, Juniors & Seniors)
Evolve TKD Team

Evolve TKD Team

Practical Taekwondo skills to help you become a “Fighter 4 Life”


What they say about us

Astrid, 15 years old
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Coach Moustapha was a top Taekwondo athlete for a reason, but not only is he a great athlete, but also a great teacher as well. He gave me tips and techniques that quickly helped me improve my form and skills, especially when it came to the more challenging kicks. I’m planning to enter a competition and this camp has been a big help for me.
Johan, 21 year old
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After I took the Evolve Taekwondo Training Camp with Moustapha Kama, I feel like I can improve much faster. Not only was it fun, but I was also taught the skills I needed to learn to become a professional Taekwondo practitioner. Coach Moustapha was a great teacher so that’s how I learned effectively but in a fun way.
Lars, 31 year old
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Moustapha was very approachable but also knows how to teach. Even a person like me who’s new to Taekwondo was able to learn what I need not only to become better but to be able to practice by myself while still improving. He pushes us to become better every time, but he makes sure to adjust his way of teaching to each student’s level.



8 to 16 years old
  • Available Spots: 0
  • Tactical Sparring Training
  • Sparring Drills to Win
  • Matches
  • How to win in the New Rules
  • 10:00 to 12:30 - December 3


Cadets, Juniors & Seniors
  • Available Spots: 0
  • Advanced Sparring Training
  • Test Matches (optional)
  • Feedback from Moustapha
  • Session: Next Level Mindset
  • 14:00 to 17:30 - December 3
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